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Abhishek Sharma Cricketer

Abhishek Sharma Cricketer Biography (Genius)

Another diamond of the young Indian Cricket brigade, Abhishek Sharma Cricketer born on the Land of Saints Amritsar, Punjab. The 20 years old young batsman has already played Under 19 Asia Cup, World Cup, List-A Vijay Hazare trophy, First Class Ranji Trophy.

And at this young age, he has already been part of 2 different Indian premier League teams Delhi Daredevils And Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Even though he is very young, but he has already set the big record in under 16 cricket and has tasted wins in the Under 19 Asia Cup and World Cup as Champions. He has been mentor by Big Names Like Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh Ricky Ponting, Muralidharan, VVS Laxman in Different Teams and Leagues.

Personal Information of Abhishek Sharma Cricketer

Abhishek Sharma is a left-handed batsman who plays aggressively in middle to lower order. The bowling style is left-arm orthodox. His height is metered at 5 feet 7 inches which is 170 cm. His jersey number in under 19 World Cup was four.

The Zodiac sign of Abhishek Sharma is Virgo. Abhishek Sharma used to study in Delhi public School Amritsar. His favorite cricketing shot is straight drive and cover drive.

Family and Childhood

Abhishek Sharma was born on 4th September 2000 in Amritsar, Punjab. His father Raj Kumar Sharma was also a cricketer, who used to play for Punjab also. Right now Raj Kumar Sharma is working in a Bank. He is also Abhishek Sharma’s 1st ever coach. His Mother Manju Rani is a housewife.

Because his father was also a cricketer you can understand the atmosphere of his household in which Abhishek Sharma spends his childhood. Till the age of 6, he used to play with a tennis ball a lot. At the age of 6, his father took him to one cricket coach in Amritsar where he learns and played.

Abhishek Sharma’s mother Manju Rani was also in support of his passion for cricket. Even though sometimes she pushed him to do studies also because Abhishek was very good in studies also. But his father who was Abhishek’s first coach let him play cricket as much as you want.

Know Your Player

Inspiration of Abhishek Sharma

Very few people know that Abhishek Sharma’s inspiration after his father Raj Kumar Sharma was another Punjabi Legendary cricketer Yuvraj Singh. An interview given by Abhishek Sharma confessed that he was inspired and learned by Yuvraj Singh. Even try to mimic shots and bowling action.

When Yuvraj hit 6 sixes it was Abhishek’s best moment of being a Cricket fan.

Fast forward to 2016-17, when Abhishek Sharma got a chance to play alongside Yuvraj Singh in Ranji’s trophy. Which was his one of the memorable moment. After that in 2018 and Season 2019, Abhishek also gets a chance to play against Yuvraj Singh in the Indian Premier League.

Early Stage of Cricketing Career

As we all know that Abhishek Sharma’s father was also a cricketer, so he was Abhishek Sharma’s first inspiration also. That’s why Abhishek started the Early stage of his career as a Spin Bowler. Under 14 game Abhishek came as a tail-ender 8 down, where Abhishek connected 3-4 good shots.

After that moment Abhishek Sharma cricketer realized that he can also bat very well. It was a confidence booster for him.

When Abhishek was selected to play for Punjab under 14 cricket team, he was selected as an all-rounder, not just a spin bowler. His journey in the under 14 cricket team for Punjab was a normal journey. But in under 16 when he was playing alongside other young stars like Shubman Gill, Prithvi Shaw, Manjot Kalra.

He faced a phase of demotivation because he was not performing as well as his other teammates.
After they all get promoted to the under 19 cricket team of Punjab. Captaincy of the Under 16 cricket team was given to Abhishek Sharma.

That year in under 16 Abhishek Sharma hit 1200 Runs and took 57 wickets in just 8 matches. Which was a big boost in his cricketing career and suddenly he was promoted to under 19.

Asia Cup and Under 19 World Cup

After Abhishek Sharma’s performance in under 16 as a captain, he was then given the opportunity of captaincy in Challenger trophy and zonal. Where he works so hard and helps his team India Red to lift the trophy.

After that, he was given the captaincy of the Under 19 Indian cricket team for the Under 19 Asia Cup.
The selection of Abhishek Sharma in the under 19 Indian cricket team for the Asia Cup as a Captain was the turning point for his career.

Abhishek Lead his team to win with his Captaincy, Batting, and bowling also. In the final match against Sri Lanka under-19, he took 4 wickets. Which turned the whole game and made India win.

Soon after the Under-19 Asia Cup, our young star Abhishek Sharma was dropped out as captain of the Under-19 Indian cricket team. Another young star Prithvi Shaw was selected as a captain under 19 cricket team for the Under-19 World Cup.

Abhishek didn’t get enough chance to play in the whole tournament because Prithvi Shaw, Manjot Kalra, and Shubhman Gill were winning matches single-handedly.

In one game of under 19, World Cup against Bangladesh Abhishek Sharma got a chance and a very important chance to Bat. The situation of the match was very tense because all the big names got out very early in the game.

Even though Abhishek was under a lot of pressure from his coach Rahul Dravid and captain Prithvi Shaw because Abhishek had a very important role to play in that game.

But he remained calm, he hit his favorite shots and hit 50 runs on 51 balls. Eventually, with the help of Abhishek’s batting, the Indian team won that game and tournament also. That time after his winning performance everybody got a clear message that Abhishek is a player of big games.

Indian Premier League journey of Abhishek Sharma Cricketer

The selection of Abhishek Sharma in the Indian Premier League was also very dramatic. At the time of the auction young star was playing in the under 19 World Cup. And luckily auction of the Indian premier league was right after the semifinal game of the U-19 world cup.

After his heroic performance in the semi-final game of the Under 19 World Cup against Bangladesh. Abhishek was bought by the Indian premier league Team Delhi Daredevils for a whopping 5.5 Million Indian Rupee. Abhishek’s base price for that auction was a 2 Million Indian rupee.

Abhishek’s debut for Team Delhi Daredevil in the Indian Premier League on 12th May 2018. On his debut match, Abhishek hit very important 46 runs in just 19 balls. Abhishek shared his incredible moment before the debut match.

Abhishek was sleeping when the team announced playing 11 because Abhishek was not expecting to get into 11. That’s why he even got late to join the team meeting of Batters. Later he joined the bowler’s team meeting.

Transfer to Sunrisers Hyderabad

Even though he was playing fairly well for his first-ever Indian Premier League team Delhi Daredevils. For the season 2020 of the Indian Premier League, Abhishek Sharma was traded alongside two other players from Delhi to Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The first season after transfer to Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League Abhishek Sharma didn’t perform well. It was a mix of both for him in some games he didn’t get a chance to play and in some games, he couldn’t perform well.

Overall his highest score was 31 and he took only 2 wickets in the whole season.

In an interview given by Abhishek Sharma, he said that After the lockout he practiced a lot with famous Indian cricket and His inspiration Yuvraj Singh in Chandigarh. He even stayed at his house in Chandigarh.

In the Sayed Mushtaq trophy 2021, Abhishek played the role of a batsman for his team Punjab. Hit overall 200+ runs in six games, with 107 as his highest score.

After that his 2 wickets against kings 11 Punjab in the Indian premier league season were really putting him on track. But eventually, IPL got suspended.

Supports and Mentor of Abhishek Sharma

In an interview Given by Abhishek Sharma, he said that the coach of the Under 19 Indian cricket team, Legendary Rahul Dravid has been his biggest support after this Father. Rahul Dravid is known to help young cricketers so Abhishek was no different.

Abhishek remembers one moment when he was dropped out of the Ranji Trophy team, Rahul Dravid himself went to the airport with Abhishek and consolidated and Gave advice there.

Other than Rahul Dravid Abhishek Sharma also has a connection with Mahendra Singh Dhoni captain of the senior Indian cricket team. Abhishek has a personality of consolidating and giving advice to all his teammates.

He grabbed this behavior after meeting Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Abhishek said he got his supportive side of personality from Ex-Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He also tries to mimic MS Dhoni to stay calm and positive even in negative situations and times of Life.

His Coaches in Sunrisers Hyderabad VVS Laxman, Muralidharan have helped him a lot on How to play under pressure with high expectations. Not just his bowling, Abhishek’s batting has also been groomed by the Coaching staff of Sunrisers Hyderabad which Abhishek appreciate also.

The personality of Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek on a personal level cheerful and positive person. You can see my inventory videos smashing cake on the face of Big names like David Warner, Johny Braistow Etc. He has a very friendly nature and he tries to enjoy every moment of life.

In 2021 net worth of young cricketer Abhishek Sharma was estimated at around 4 crores. It is all it calculated underestimated after he was bought for 5.5 Million Indian rupees in the Indian premier league.

Some FAQ About Abhishek Sharma

What’s the Height of Abhishek Sharma?

The height of Abhishek Sharma is 5 Feet 7 Inches.

How many Awards Abhishek Sharma has won?

Abhishek Sharma became the 1st ever cricketer to get 2 prestigious BCCI awards, Raj Singh Dungarpur award for his Vijay Merchant Trophy in season 2015-2016, and the Raj Singh Dungarpur award.

Is Abhishek Sharma Married?

No, Abhishek Sharma is not married.

What is the Religion of Abhishek Sharma?

Abhishek Sharma is a Hindu.

How many siblings does Abhishek Sharma have?

Abhishek Sharma has two sisters named Komal Sharma and Saniya Sharma.

What are the hobbies of Abhishek Sharma?

Other than cricket, listening to music and traveling are the hobbies of Abhishek Sharma.

Who is the girlfriend of Abhishek Sharma?

Information about a girlfriend of Abhishek Sharma is not available to the public.

Which is the favorite movie of Abhishek Sharma?

Extraction by Chris Hemsworth is the favorite movie of Abhishek Sharma.

Who is the favorite actor and actress of Abhishek?

Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar are his favorite actors, Deepika Padukone is his favorite actress.


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