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Mohammed Azharuddeen

Mohammed Azharuddeen Kerala opener who hit a 37-ball century

“Azhar In Making..”

Mohammed Azharuddeen born in Kasaragod in 1994 was given the name by his brother Kamaruddin. Kamaruddin being a mad fan of cricket named his brother after the legendary former Indian team cricketer “Mohammad Azharuddin” and who knew that the newly born boy is going to walk on the same path and will be considered the re-born version of the former legend cricketer. 

Mohammed Azharuddeen Profile

Born on March 22nd in Thalangara, Kerala, Mohammed Azharuddeen is a cricketer who serves on the field as a right-hand batsman and a wicket-keeper. Azharuddin grew up watching his brother madly in love with cricket and this motivated the youngster to make his brother proud of him one day. Since his childhood, he was referred to as “Azhar in making” by the people around him. 

Mohammed Azharuddeen is the seventh son of his family. He is believed to be a very caring, friendly, and loving person. Azharuddin achieved his education at Mahatma Gandhi University and is considered to be a very well learned person.

The youngster has made a great name in cricket now and because of his playing style and fine performances, he catches the attention of many people around.

Player’s Early Cricket Career and Debuts 

He began playing in Kerala’s U15 inter-district tournaments, where he batted as a middle-order batsman in 2007. Later in 2010, he had advanced to the U19 stage, where he competed against other young Kerala cricketers such as Sanju Samson and went on to represent Kerala in the Cooch Behar Trophy and the V. Mankad Trophy in the following years.

Mohammed Azharuddeen made his first-class cricket debut on 15th November 2015 for Kerala in the Ranji Trophy. After that, he debuted for List-A cricket on 10th December 2015 in the Vijay Hazare trophy. Azharuddin’s T20 debut was on 2nd January 2016 in the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy.

The player played exceptionally well and impressively in all his debut Matches and gained much popularity. The days of his early cricket career were relevantly hard as he was at his struggling age, but with the passing years, he showed massive progress through his game. 

Unfortunately, Mohammed Azharuddeen was among the three players who were suspended in August 2018 for showing disapproval of Kerala’s team captain. This resulted in a temporary pause in his cricket career but that did not harm much. 

Recently, on 13th January 2021, Mohammed Azharuddeen became the very first batsman to score a century for Kerala in T20 matches. This was considered as the second-fastest century in the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy and became the third-fastest century by an Indian batsman overall after Rishabh Pant (32 Balls) and Rohit Sharma (35 Balls). 

The player is yet to make his International cricket debut and is still currently playing cricket at a regional and domestic level. 

Know Your Player

Mohammed Azharuddeen’s 37-ball Century

During the match Mumbai vs Kerala, Mumbai set a huge target of 196 runs in 20 overs with the great contribution of the opening pair of Yashasvi Jaiswal and Aditya Tare, who scored 40 and 42 runs respectively.

Suryakumar Yadav, the captain, then added 38 runs to the scoreboard. This ended up a huge target that Kerala had to successfully chase. In response, Mohammed Azharuddeen aged 26, went all out against the opponent’s weak bowling attack smashing a 37-ball century.

He delivered a brilliant performance that day, scoring 137 runs off just 54 deliveries at a strike rate of 253.7. He had 9 boundaries and 11 maximums in his knock.

Many experienced cricketers, cricket commentators, and emerging players praised Mohammed Azharuddeen after his outstanding performance against Mumbai. After that, he also became a fan favorite player with people becoming more and more interested in him.

Mohammed Azharuddeenand His Dream of Playing IPL

In the Indian Premier League, Azharuddin is going to play under the captaincy of the most famous player in current times, Virat Kohli. After observing Azharuddin’s performances, Virat Kohli was much impressed by the playing style and hard work of the young player and willingly agreed to guide him through this. 

Mohammed Azharuddeen Batting Statistics 

FormatMRunsHighestStrike Rate
1st Class2295911263.8
List A 305857397.2

(Source: Wikipedia, CricInfo & Sports NDTV)

Mohammed Azharuddeen Fielding Statistics

If we talk about the career fielding statistics of Azharuddin, then he took a total number of 60 catches in first-class cricket with two run-outs and a number of 8 stumpings. In List-A cricket, he took 23 catches and stumped 3 batsmen. He also successfully caught 19 catches in his T20 matches and dismissed one batsman through run out. 

Azharuddin has proved out to be a great contributor not only in batting but in fielding terms as well and league franchises are always in search of such talented players who can brilliantly serve at any part. 

Struggling Emotionally and Professionally

Mohammed Azharuddeen like any other struggling cricketer faced many ups and downs as well. He did not have a very smooth journey and faced difficulties emotionally, professionally, and personally. A major tragedy of his life was his mother’s death when he was around 16 years old.

After his mother passed away, he had to deal with the loss of his father 4 years later. When he was facing such a trouble situation, his cricket career came at risk.

Despite struggling mentally and professionally, Azharuddin has always been very positive about his cricket and his career. Even at the time of the IPL auction, he remained very calm and optimistic saying that he is going to willingly and happily accept if he gets selected by any of the franchises.

But, if he does not get selected, he will not let himself feel down and is going to work even harder next time so that he can be a part of IPL without a doubt.

Mohammed AzharuddeenSide Hobbies and Activities 

He has a great number of fans who provide him with love, appreciation, and all kind of support. Azharuddin is also present on many social media platforms and has a large number of followers. He keeps on sharing his pictures with teammates, friends, and family to keep his audience engaged.

He has around 74.2K followers on Instagram. Other than social networking, Azharuddin also enjoys spending time with his niece as well as going to the gym and bodybuilding. He is a fitness fanatic who enjoys working out in the gym and playing a variety of other sports.

Moreover, he enjoys listening to music and spending time while reading books. According to his fellow mates, Azharuddin has a very jolly and positive personality, and he likes to spend his time all alone by himself. 

Future Targets and Aims 

Mohammed Azharuddeen ultimate target, like that of any other Indian domestic cricketer, is to represent his country. However, for the time being, he is concentrating on not allowing his sudden fame and recognition to distract him away.

He has realized the fact that to represent India nationally, he has to consistently work for 2 to 3 years. Azharuddin in an interview said that his major focus, for now, is to work on his skills, consistency, and game. 

When he was asked that if he knew that other IPL franchises have been monitoring him closely; he smilingly replied that he honestly was not aware of any such development but, if the news is true then it is a happy case for him as he has already waited for four years to be a part of Indian Premier League. 

Additional Information and Fun Facts About Mohammed Azharuddeen

  • Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, is Mohammed Azharuddin’s favorite cricketer.
  • English was Azharuddin’s favorite subject in school.
  • Mohammed Azharuddin has had a fear of water since he was a teenager.
  • In an interview, Azharuddin accepted the fact that as a child he did not know about the legendary former cricketer Azharuddin sir who he was named after. He was told about the stories and good cricket records of Mohammed Azharuddeen that made him search for his old matches and observe the legend’s cricket skills.
  • While he wasn’t very interested in academics, he did enjoy athletic activities. 
  • Azharuddin always wanted to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) because he was a super fan of the skipper, Virat Kohli. He loved Kohli’s body language and the way of walking. 
  • Mohammed Azharuddeen bucket list includes playing in IPL, 4 hundred in Ranji season, his own house, and a dream of playing in in 2023 World Cup. 
  • Azharuddin likes the music of the genre hip hop.
  • It is said that he revealed his favorite food includes idli and sambar in an interview with his fellow cricketers. 
  • Other than cricket, Azharuddin keeps himself busy playing other games as well including both the outdoor and the indoor games. 
  • He is greatly interested in autobiographies and he confessed to being attracted to the autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam. 
  • His favorite sports other than cricket include football.

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